Agricultural Trade Development & Value Chain Creation

TA International (TAI) is a full-service trade development consulting firm. For two decades, we have delivered practical and sustainable solutions to expand international trade and reduce poverty in development setting. Our specific focus on poverty reduction revolves around the identification and creation of markets for value-added agricultural and innovative food and nutrition products.

Exporting to the US?
Whether you are looking for immediate buyers, or establishing a sales and distribution program, or orchestrating a new product launch, TAI can help. For select products and product categories, TAI is your buyer. We will request samples, product specs and pricing. Be ready – we move fast!

Your company or products might not be ready for the U.S. market. Your packaging, positioning or pricing might not match the tastes and preferences of U.S. buyers. We can fix that.

TAI Services
  • Crop Pattern and Crop Analysis
  • Harvest and Cultivar Evaluation
  • Pre/Post-Harvest Handling and Transport
  • Value Chain Analysis - Participants, Cost, Quality, and Global Market Review
  • Value Added Product Development
  • Value Added Product Costing and Pricing
  • Value Capture Opportunity Analysis
  • Project Financing
  • Export/Import Regulatory Review
  • FDA/USDA Analytic Testing
  • Importing/Freight Forwarding
  • Trade Shows/Exhibitions
  • Label Design, Label Regulatory Compliance, Packaging Support, and Marketing Material Design and Production
  • Media/Advertising Program Planning and Execution
  • In-Store Sampling/Demos Program
  • Manufacture Representation and Retailer Support Program
  • Food Broker and Master Food Broker Arrangements in ethnic, mass market, food service channels
  • Invoicing, Collections, and Recovery