Representative Projects

TAI buys, sells and brokers products across a range major categories and market channels. If you are looking for sales opportunities or sources of supply, contact us to hear more about how we can help you overcome the full range of marketing, sales and business development challenges. Our projects and clients span the globe.

  • Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan - review UN efforts to mitigate economic pressures from commercial fishing on Caspian Sea ecosystem. 2012, ( proj. length: 2 months, United Nations DP)
  • Morocco - Developed New Strategy for Moroccan Agricultural Industry Towards Value-Added Food Products 2012 (proj. length: 6months, USAID)
  • Morocco - Created new Cous Cous Sauce concept, designed packaging, imported, and implemented a sales program that secured major buyers such as Wegman’s and World Market. 2012 (proj length: 24 months, USAID)
  • Morocco – Created new consumer-friendly packaging and shelf stability for introducing traditional harissa to U.S. food service markets. 2012 (proj. length 8 months, USAID)
  • Morocco- Reviewed olive oil production costs and shelf pricing targets for several producers. 2011 (proj. length 2 months, USAID)
  • Chile– Developed high valued fish soup product from low valued fish to a major Chilean Seafood/Fishing company. 2010 (proj. length 12 months, INNOVA, Ministry of Industry, Chile)
  • Chile - Developed New Product and U.S. Export Strategy for Chilean Table Grape Farmer Association including new packaging for single-serve grape packaging for U.S. Retail. (proj. length: 4 months) 2011, Ministry of Industry, Chile)
  • Jordan - Developed New Product and U.S. Export Strategy for Jordanian Olive Oil producers. 2008 USAID
  • Azerbaijan -Importer - buy, ship, store, sell 15 containers/yr of own-brand pomegranate juice from Azerbaijan Private Sector, 2008
  • Egypt - Exporter - buy, ship, source supplier for Egyptian Airlines sugar, creamer, paper. 2009, Private Sector
  • Azerbaijan - Label and Packaging Development, "Pomegranate Squeeze" pomegranate juice 2008, Private Sector
  • Iraq - Label and Packaging Development, Iraqi dates "Babylonian Dates" 2009, Private Sector
  • Global - Forecast Global Olive Oil volumes and market shares 2003, Market
  • U.S. - Forecast Organic Food Sales in 2007 for the Organic Trade Association. 2007, Market
  • Global - Forecast Global Fruit Juice Markets for Large Japanese Conglomerate 2009, Market
  • Global - Invented the Fair Wage (r) label to highlight fair labor practices 2007, USAID
  • Jordan - Established a Fair Wage(r) supply chain certification program for Olive Oil products 2007, USAID
  • Jordan - Established a Fair Wage(R) branding strategy for Olive Oil producers in Jordan under U.S.AID. 2007, USAID
  • Austria - Designed POS and Launch Strategy for C-Swiss, Hemp Ice Tea manufactured in Austria. 2005, Private Sector.