TAI Overview

TAI has been assisting U.S. and non-U.S. manufacturers, distributors, importers and trade organizations for over a decade. Covering the widest range of markets and channels – from wholesale to retail, from public to private, from consumer to industrial – we have partnered with our clients to understand, penetrate and sustain the world’s largest market for goods and services.

Every project is managed by TAI’s U.S. sales and marketing professionals, giving our clients the “street-level” edge that is so critical to U.S. success. This approach is designed to support the three basic premises upon which TAI was founded:

  1. U.S. sales and marketing professionals are better qualified to advise companies outside the U.S. on the critical issues related to profitable entry into the U.S. market.
  2. U.S.-based professionals in sales and distribution who already have personal relationships with buyers in distribution are better positioned to identify and to provide the direct link with decision makers in the U.S. market, thereby managing the risk and time to market.
  3. Using experienced U.S. professionals ensures the thorough and accurate development and management of U.S. sales & marketing programs.

Companies outside the U.S. who choose to develop the U.S. market on their own without the assistance of U.S. professionals lack the necessary sensitivity to the regional and sector-specific subtleties and anomalies in distribution and sales channels. This leads to increased frustration, cost, and time.

TAI’s client services include:

  • Buying and selling of manufactured goods across a range of industry and market segments.
  • Diagnostic evaluation of U.S. market readiness. 
  • A competitive analysis (test marketing, price comparisons, product suitability, niche market evaluation) of products / services
  • Product/packaging localization and U.S. regulatory compliance
  • Screening, facilitation of meetings, and selection of U.S. partners (representatives, distributors, etc.)
  • Complete U.S. sales & marketing management (developing and implementing an action plan, developing price lists & brochures, forecasting sales & preparing a U.S. budget). 

TAI has consistently demonstrated its ability to reduce the cost and the risk to its clients in reaching their goals.

TAI Finds the Match

U.S. buyers need products and services to solve their problems. We bring them suppliers of goods and services who can demonstrate the eagerness and ability to solve those problems.

Consistent Results

TAI has consistently demonstrated that companies outside the U.S. which had previously spent considerable time and money in their unsuccessful attempts to enter the U.S. market reach their goals after partnering with TAI.